The Lack of New Diabetes Drugs Makes Glucose Management Even More Important

canstockphoto13218168Recently, Bristol-Myers Squibb announced that it was getting out of the diabetes drug business. Following that announcement, Takeda Pharmaceuticals – which had high hopes of launching their new diabetes drug Fasiglifam – had to drop it because of liver toxicity problems. Precious few new diabetes drugs appear to be in the pipeline because the FDA has demanded more rigorous safety studies. Thus, the risk/reward challenge for new diabetes drug development is tougher than ever. So more companies are shifting their emphasis, e.g., to oncology drug development.

That’s not good news for America’s 70 million prediabetics millions more worldwide, who rely on drugs to prevent their developing full-fledged diabetes. But for those who are willing to make easy and delicious dietary changes, The CR Way to Great Glucose Control offers a virtually risk-free alternative.

Many people join because their fasting and postprandial glucose levels are out of control. It often takes only a few weeks for them to get their glucose down to healthy levels that may help them avoid diabetes. Low glucose levels also facilitate weight loss improve eyesight,   lower blood pressure, improve brain power, and get a host of other benefits.

Some who have confirmed diagnoses of type 2 diabetes use drugs, like Metformin, combined with The CR Way to Great Glucose Control. In fact, the e-book’s last chapter: “What if my Glucose is Still too High?” recommends drugs to discuss with your doctor if the natural-diet-and-lifestyle approach does not achieve the desired goal.

The CR Way to Great Glucose Control is included as a benefit for the Healthful Weight Loss, Brain Booster, Diabetes Intervention memberships.

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