Following a Calorie Restriction Diet for the Holidays

canstockphoto0917781Walnut Cranberry Confection

Gourmet science from LivingTheCRWay

This holiday treat looks and tastes the part. The wine changes the flavor, of course, and is completely optional. The sweet cranberries’ tart sweetness may surprise you. It’s definitely festive.


6 gram       Cocoa, unsweetened, powder, dry

10 gram     Lime juice, unsweetened, canned or bottled

½ cup         Almond non-dairy beverage, organic

1 fl. oz.       Wine, red table, optional

1 slice        Genesis sprouted grain & seed bread

60 gram     Cranberries, whole

6 grams     Walnut, English, dried, raw, 3 or 4 walnut halves


1.      Add cocoa to a mug or large cup

2.      Add lime juice slowly, stirring to form a paste: this makes dissolving   the cocoa easier

3.      Add the wine (optional) and the almond milk gradually for easy mixing.

4.      Crumble the slide of bread into mug

5.      Stir to help the mixture saturate the bread

6.      Add cranberries and walnuts

7.      Stir and enjoy

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