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Following a Calorie Restriction Diet for the Holidays

Walnut Cranberry Confection Gourmet science from LivingTheCRWay This holiday treat looks and tastes the part. The wine changes the flavor, of course, and is completely optional. The sweet cranberries’ tart sweetness may surprise you. It’s definitely festive. Ingredients 6 gram       Cocoa, unsweetened, powder, dry 10 gram     Lime juice, unsweetened, canned or bottled ½ cup         Almond… read more

Calorie Restriction, the CR Way for a healthier gut

Calorie Restriction Let’s You Loose that Gut the Healthy Way Improving gut health is a major focus of calorie restriction, the CR Way.  It begins with a tease meal,  a small meal used by many CR Way travelers to start their day. The tease meal uses  a small amount of carbohydrates to stimulate insulin production… read more