Important considerations for improving your gut microbiome

Last night’s teleconference on the importance to your heart health of a healthful gut lining proved to be important on many levels. Hearing the input of LivingTheCRWay members as they aired their brilliant insights for improving gut health was very exciting. We’re glad we belong to this community! For instance, we discussed the beneficial probiotic B.coagulans (see more by becoming a Healthy Start member of

B.coagulans has produced some impressive results in the laboratory. Some members echoecanstockphoto7043347d these sentiments by reporting their own positive results after taking it. Others, however, questioned the wisdom of taking one probiotic, since it might act as an antibiotic towards other bacteria – both bad and good.

When we brought up the subject of fermented foods, well-thought-out reservations were voiced –regarding the link of fermented foods to esophageal cancer. This was mentioned in the context of genomic analysis to test genetic predisposition to esophageal cancer.

Another member mentioned experimenting with small amounts of kefir and checking its safety by measuring kefir’s affect on IGF-1.

Meanwhile, LivingTheCRWay forum posts continue to develop on the relation between leaky gut and heart failure. We need to pay attention to the strong evidence for the co-incidence of excessive intestinal permeability and cardiovascular disease.

Last night’s discussion was extremely important and reflects what intelligent longevists must consider, given the current state of scientific knowledge and availability of medical testing. We are pushing to change both by supporting research: Combining improved microbiome analysis with measures of genomic stability and of adult stem cell health may be better guides for decisions, regarding the gut microbiome than even improved microbiome analysis alone.

This is why we are pushing so hard to move forward to make DNA HACR, a reality – so that everybody who wants to will have betters ways to measure these things.

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