CR Way 125-Year Plan, a Science-based project to Extend Life

Set aside Saturday, December 29 at 11:00 AM ET, for the free teleconference for all members of You’ll hear details about the CR Way’s 125-Year Plan, a project that will likely extend your life.

CR Way 125-Year Plan is  a global longitudinal study to accelerate longevity research  and make it easier to put science into practice that will extend life now! The study is open to all who want to participate.

Scientific research to find interventions that extend lifespan often takes years. This leaves those who hope for life extension guessing about how to extend their life- and health-spans. Participants will receive expert feedback on how effective their approach to life extension is and get timely guidance as to how it can be improved.

Join for free by becoming a Healthy Start member or make a commitment to get the best chance to extend life and protect against disease by becoming a  Contributing  member.

To join the teleconference:

Looking forward to helping you to start a better, longer life!

Happy, Healthful Holidays to all!

Paul & Meredith


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