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Calorie Restriction Bows to the Mighty Microbiome

Dietary restriction, which has long been shown to extend life in many species, is often described as a diet that activates an ancient cellular defense system: When food is scarce, the body defends itself by shifting its metabolism so that growth-related activities and reproduction are postponed until energy from available food increases. Lower White Blood… read more

For Calorie Restrictors – Longevity Biochemistry Trumps Nutrient Density

The World’s Healthiest Foods website includes something they call the “Healthiest Way of Eating Plan.” Considering various diets and their suitability for a CR Way of life is very important. World’s Healthiest Foods provides a valuable service through the information the site offers. However, the Healthiest Way of Eating Plan is dated: It does not… read more

Too Much Aerobic Exercise May Accelerate Aging

On LivingTheCRWay.com, an important discussion is going on in the exercise forum: Rethinking Intensity. The discussion concerns aerobic exercise and how much is too much. Almost everyone who joins LivingTheCRWay.com exercises. So, we are always wondering how much exercise is best for optimal health. It is now known that the cancer protective gene, p53, plays… read more