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Primate Study Confirms: Calorie Restriction Extends Life and Protects against Age-related Disease

Last week, the Wisconsin rhesus monkey study released results that put to rest the notion that that calorie restriction does not extend life in non-human primates. What caused the confusion is that in August 2012 scientists at the National Institute of Aging released a paper that produced worldwide attention, Impact of caloric restriction on health… read more

Calorie restriction doesn’t prolong life in rhesus monkey study

  Update: New Monkey Study Confirms Calorie Restriction Extends Life! Do you believe the headlines: Calorie Restriction doesn’t prolong life? Humans and monkeys are primates. They have many similar physiological traits.  So using monkeys for longevity studies that suggest possibilities for humans is not surprising. The NIA study, recently published in Nature1, reports the unexpected result… read more