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Improving your Gut Microbiome

Imagine you are Charles Darwin visiting a little island someplace, and you get to learn about all kinds of plants and animals and how their unique habitats influenced their evolutionary development. Actually, you don’t have to travel to an island, because you’ve got your own  evolutionary world inside your body, which constantly evolves, often at… read more

A Healthful Gut Lining Protects your Heart

Several months ago – a seemingly healthy calorie restrictor, who was full of life and energy, died of a heart attack. Her medical history indicated that she had an appendectomy a few years earlier, followed by severe gut dysbiosis (an imbalance in the intestinal bacteria that precipitates changes in the normal activities of the gastrointestinal… read more

Prebiotic effects of inulin and oligofructose.

The work of Glenn R. Gibson’s Lab is outstanding. He has a long history of exploring how prebiotics affect the gut microbiome. He was ahead of his time with this study on inulin and oligofructose. Click on the title and read the details about how both of these prebiotics beneficially change the gut microbiota–displacing bad… read more

A Gut Microbe that Helps you Lose Weight

A few weeks ago, we reported that the balance of gut bacteria may make a difference in whether it is easy or hard for you to lose or gain weight. While it’s an important advance to understand that your weight is affected by gut bacteria – the research, leading to this finding, left us wanting:  It… read more