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Bacteria from Thin Humans Makes Mice Lose Weight

For a long time, we have suggested that the right microbial balance in the gut may be important for weight loss. Now a new study adds strong proof that the right gut microbiota very helpful for those who want to lose weight. In a brilliantly conceived study by Drs. Jeffrey Gordon, Vanessa K. Ridaura and… read more

A Gut Microbe that Helps you Lose Weight

A few weeks ago, we reported that the balance of gut bacteria may make a difference in whether it is easy or hard for you to lose or gain weight. While it’s an important advance to understand that your weight is affected by gut bacteria – the research, leading to this finding, left us wanting:  It… read more

How Poor Gut Health may kill you

Recently we had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Stephen Spindler who advised that you have got the heart (meaning that research has established that the CR Way lifestyle appears to slow cardiovascular aging) and you should concentrate on improving gut health. How prophetic his guidance was. About the time that Dr. Spindler was speaking… read more

The all powerful gut microbiome

Perhaps you have noticed many posts in the forums on LivingTheCRWay.com (become a free Healthy Start member to access the forums)  about how the health of the gut microbiome affects other aspects of health. Its influence is profound. As you probably read, most systems seem to be affected. The gut microbiome may be a root… read more

Calorie Restriction, the CR Way for a healthier gut

Calorie Restriction Let’s You Loose that Gut the Healthy Way Improving gut health is a major focus of calorie restriction, the CR Way.  It begins with a tease meal,  a small meal used by many CR Way travelers to start their day. The tease meal uses  a small amount of carbohydrates to stimulate insulin production… read more