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Real Pickles Sets the Standard for Fermented Foods

LivingTheCRWay loves to feature extraordinary achievers on its Expert Teleconferences for members. One such person is Dr. Jenifer Fenton whose perceptive research on fish oil changed the way many of us think about it. She changed our thinking about gut health too. In response to a member’s questions about probiotics and their effect on the… read more

Fermented Foods and Calorie Restriction – for Better or for Worse?

To understand better the body microbiome and how to optimize it, recent CR Way expert teleconferences have included discussions about increasing the ratio of good to bad bacteria in the gut. Expert guests Drs. Jenifer Fenton and Rob Knight recommended fermented food over probiotics to improve the gut microbiome. They both make the point that… read more

You have been attacked by H1N1 – Change your gut microbiome and fight it!

The title of this post is not science fiction. I actually had this conversation today with Dr. Jenifer Fenton. We discussed that calorie restriction protects against the normal age-related decline of the  immune system and may increase its effectiveness under most conditions.  The only exception might be a very fast-acting bacteria like H1N1. She posited… read more