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Berries for Your Brain!

In 2004, Dr. David Sinclair and colleagues published a paper identifying STACS, sirtuin activating compounds. Sirtuins are histone deacetylases that become active during caloric restriction. Two sirtuins SIRT1 and SIRT3  are associated with a host of caloric restriction benefits. The hope was that by identifying STACS that calorie restriction would lead to the discovery of calorie… read more

Real Pickles Sets the Standard for Fermented Foods

LivingTheCRWay loves to feature extraordinary achievers on its Expert Teleconferences for members. One such person is Dr. Jenifer Fenton whose perceptive research on fish oil changed the way many of us think about it. She changed our thinking about gut health too. In response to a member’s questions about probiotics and their effect on the… read more