Vinegar and Calorie Restriction Don’t Mix

One of our members recently asked why the CR Way no longer recommends vinegar.

All CR Way suggestions have a fundamental goal of  helping you live longer and better. That must include activation of the 7 sirtuin genes, which play vital roles in many aspects of life extension. Here, for example, is a press article — inspired by a 2009 paper about them:

The sirtuin genes are histone deacetylases. That is, they perform a deacetaylation –action that causes silencing of cellular activities that drive growth and energy usage.  This is completely logical when calories are limited.

Take a look at how it works:

Vinegar is acetic acid so it causes acetylation — blocking the vital life-extending deacetylation effects of the sirtuin genes. This is why even though we too love vinegar, we stopped using it. Lemon and lime juice, which are also yummy, are citric acid and thus do not cause the acetylation effect.

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