Benefits of Calorie Restriction Enhanced by Nitric Oxide and Lower Blood Glucose, Say Researchers from The CR Way

The CR Way logoScientifically validated ways to lower blood pressure, enhance cognition, and improve glucose management – especially in type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes are components of the new, cutting-edge CR WayTM approach to calorie restriction.


“Following a calorie-restriction diet has always produced excellent results,” says Paul McGlothin, president of the and vice president of research for the CR Society. “However, the new CR Way approach helped me get my HbA1c (glycated hemoglobin) to levels I never expected – 4.2, the low end of the reference range. Meanwhile, my blood pressure is 90/60 – levels most 65-year-olds wouldn’t dream possible.”

“The new approach shows how to apply research from several institutions,” he continues, “to help lower glucose levels and increase nitric oxide influx in the body safely. When combined with delicious low calorie meals, the results are phenomenal.”

  • Lower blood sugar1 – helping people with type 2 diabetes and those who want to prevent it.
  • Lower blood pressure and less arterial plaque accumulation – reducing heart disease risk.2
  • Improved brain power – making sharper, more effective thinking easier.3


High Blood Glucose Increases Disease

Many studies link high blood glucose levels to increased risk for heart attack, stroke, senile dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and prediabetes.4 Calorie Restriction by itself does not guarantee lower blood glucose.

So LivingTheCRWay created the CR Way to Great Glucose Control, an adult education course integrating healthful exercise and stress relief with and delicious low-calorie, low-GI meal plans. Glucose control goals are provided for each part of the day so participants know what to aim for. The latest innovation to the Great Glucose Control program are suggestions for increasing nitric oxide since it helps lower blood sugar levels,1 improves heart health,2 and facilitates cognition.4

This new CR Way approach can improve the lives of so many so much that will hold live teleconferences to help people put these ideas into practice.

To find out more – Call toll free: 877-481-4841, or e-mail:

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LivingTheCRWay makes it easy to put science into practice. Departing from dehumanized electronic communications – LivingTheCRWay is a friendly, holistic online community. Members enjoy delicious, healthful lifestyles that include live, supportive teleconferences that often include leaders in the world of science and health.



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2 Responses to “Benefits of Calorie Restriction Enhanced by Nitric Oxide and Lower Blood Glucose, Say Researchers from The CR Way”

  1. mathieu chenier

    if glucose restriction works as dramatically as it does in c.elegans for humans, should it become the second step after cr.

    • admin

      It is for most CR Way travelers, Mathieu. We get huge benefits from following a low GI lifestyle. It often results in better scores on brain training programs, improved eyesight, lower blood pressure, plus increased protection against Type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases.


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