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Tease Meal Plus Nitric Oxide Produces Extraordinary Glucose Control

LivingTheCRWay suggests using a tease meal™ to increase glucose control. The tease meal is a small serving amount of carbs and a little healthy fat to help stimulate insulin production before you eat your main meal. CR Way 4 Longer Life software users will notice that the tease meal is one of the courses included in the… read more

Calorie Restriction, Sex and Aging

A recent press release from LivingTheCRWay extolled the benefits of increased nitric oxide production for lowering blood sugar, reducing blood pressure and arterial plaque accumulation and improving brain power. It has another very pleasurable benefit – increasing enjoyment of sexuality.  Healthful ways to increase nitric oxide are part of a new section at LivingTheCRWay.com: Sexy… read more