Extraordinary teleconference with Dr. Michael Rosen


Dr. Michael Rosen, director of the Kidney Stone Center at the Mount Kisco Medical Group, was the featured expert for a wonderfully enriching teleconference yesterday. He discussed many important topics:

  • Analyzing urine – what can be learned from a 24- hour urine profile
  • Kidney health
  • The kidneys’ relationship to the heart
  • Kidneys and aging
  • The klotho gene and the kidneys
  • Telomeres and kidneys
  • Kidney stones
  • Oxalates
  • High oxalate foods and damage to kidneys and other organs
  • Bone health
  • How Buddhist doctors test their patients
  • Green Tea

We thank Dr. Rosen and the many members who participated. On the teleconference, we asked Dr. Rosen if he would be willing to see LivingTheCRWay members for general good health purposes. At first he said no, he was too busy, but after the call, he said that he would consider it for a limited number of patients. He also said he would like to help with the upcoming DNA HACR study if he can.

Listen to the teleconference (available on livingthecrway.com) and you will see why we feel so lucky to have him as one of our doctors and advisers. He is extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful and took time to answer everyone’s questions thoroughly. This is the kind of doctor you want, helping you to manage your health!

No matter where you live, if you can make it to New York, a visit with him would be worthwhile. If you decide to visit here, let us know: Perhaps we can meet you at  Andy’s  for a meal or even schedule a CR Way-member get-together .

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