CR Way DNA HACR, a Longevity Study Announces:

 CR Way  DNA, Healthy Aging & Cell-signaling Reception (CR Way DNA HACR)

CR Way DNA HACR is a global longitudinal study.  All full LivingTheCRWay members have the  opportunity to participate.

Intended to run in perpetuity, CR Way DNA HACR allows you to analyze aspects of health that affect aging and disease risk. Participants will gain unique insights into how well their aging interventions work and what may be done to improve them.


Years of scientific studies led to a new and very important page on LivingTheCRWay: Tests for Optimal Health and Longevity. Here, full members will find a list of all the recommended tests for CR Way DNA HACR.

  • Diet & Lifestyle Tracking: Meal logs, glucose levels, exercise (type, calories burned, & intensity), mood, kidney/urinary profile, cardiovascular – VAP (Vertical Auto Profile: lipid analysis, incl. subparticles), intima media thickness
  • Annual Physical: Reference ranges from a decade+ of human calorie restriction research
  • Personal Genome Analysis
  • Microbiome Assessments: Gut & others
  • DNA Stability: Annual assessment: rate of increase of short telomeres
  • Eye/Brain Health & Alzheimer’s/dementia risk: Annual measures – retinal health, cognitive function


Mount Kisco Medical Group (NY),  Univ. of Colorado – Boulder, Univ. of California – Riverside


Value in Numbers!

One thousand or more participants are sought who commit to long-term testing and entering their results into the database without identifying information. Comparing results to others is an important participation benefit and, as the number of participants grows, may be an indicator of health and rate of aging.

The Researchers

Leading scientists, who are expert in various aspects of longevity research and who appear on expert teleconferences, will analyze the data relevant to their areas of specialty. Epidemiologists will look at long-term incidence of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases. All scientists will be asked to make presentations regarding their findings at special LivingTheCRWay Teleconferences for study participants.

Citizen Science

CR Way DNA HACR is a citizen science project, funded in part by its participants who pay for their own testing, receive their test results, and enter them into the CR Way DNA HACR database.

Most participants can expect their health insurance to cover some of their testing costs. Administrative costs of the project will be funded through memberships of and donations. You must be a full member of to participate.

For CR Way DNA HACR, citizen science also means that the citizens are doing the science: All participants will establish their own baselines and will be able to assess their progress and determine effective practices for improving their health.

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