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Customizing your Diet, e.g., Eggs?

Here’s a holiday gift that truly keeps on giving: a customized diet that takes into account your individual health. For example, is eating eggs healthful? Any number of “authorities” will answer that for question for you. Right now there’s a discussion about eggs in the LivingTheCRWay Cardiovascular Health forum:  Do Eggs Increase Cardiovascular Risks? (Become a… read more

Expert to Discuss Tests for Ocular Aging

Dr. Ami Ranani will be featured at the CR Way Expert Teleconference tonight at 7:30 pm (ET). Dr. Ranani is an optometric specialist, who is passionate about technology to analyze eye health and disease. He welcomes teleconference participants to ask questions related to eye health. The Somers Eye Center is a beautiful modern facility, with… read more

OCT Technology for Avoiding Eye Disease and Evaluating your Rate of Aging

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Joel Schuman, a distinguished scientist, teacher, inventor, and medical doctor – will collaborate with the CR Way DNA HACR research project. Dr. Schuman will be featured on a LivingTheCRWay Expert Teleconference on Monday, November 10 at 7:30 pm (ET) Dr. Schuman is one of the inventors of optical… read more

The “Glow of Health” Research – Dr. Susan Erdman

Would you like to have radiant skin and hair? Listen up. Dr. Susan Erdman’s work came to our attention when we were searching for clues on how to make skin and hair more beautiful. Why not? Part of the joy of following an ultra-healthy lifestyle is looking good at any age.  So we were delighted… read more

How ApoE4 Increases Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Since genetic testing has come into vogue, the ApoE4 protein has become famous or – should we say – infamous. Many people know that if they carry the gene, it increases their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by a factor of 10. ApoE4 affects the clearance of amyloid- beta, the plaque that builds up in… read more

Will you run out of stem cells?

A new study of the blood of one of the world’s oldest women, Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper, supports what we have hypothesized for a long time: Human beings run out of adult stem cells. This is the likely cause of death in the oldest old – supercentenarians whose healthy immune systems have prevented cancer and other… read more

Primate Study Affirms: the CR Way Lifestyle can Extend Life and Protect against Age-related Disease

On April 1, primate researchers from the University of Wisconsin published a paper,* affirming that caloric restriction (CR) without malnutrition significantly improves age-related and all-cause survival in rhesus monkeys. The researchers point out that their data contrasts with findings in the widely reported 2012 National Institutes of Aging study, where CR was not seen to… read more

CR Way DNA HACR, a Longevity Study

LivingTheCRWay.com Announces:  CR Way  DNA, Healthy Aging & Cell-signaling Reception (CR Way DNA HACR) CR Way DNA HACR is a global longitudinal study.  All full LivingTheCRWay members have the  opportunity to participate. Intended to run in perpetuity, CR Way DNA HACR allows you to analyze aspects of health that affect aging and disease risk. Participants… read more

Eyes Predict Alzheimer’s and Rate-of-Aging

That LivingTheCRWay members want simple cost-effective ways to assess risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia is quite understandable: We all want to preserve our brainpower, which is the key to quality of life and independence. Expensive and potentially dangerous PiB-PET (Pittsburgh-compound B — Positron Emission Tomography) imaging is the gold standard for diagnosing Alzheimer’s, but… read more

The CR Way Gourmet Meals Helping People enjoy Calorie Restriction Diets during the Holidays

 Diet-friendly Thanksgiving recipes include sweet potato medallions, other deliciously healthy dishes  If living in good health for as long as possible is important to you, then LivingTheCRWay has delicious recipes that belong on your holiday table. These are not pseudo-healthy concoctions that send blood sugar soaring. This is cutting-edge science, delivered in gourmet fashion. The… read more