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Is your Bone-Health Strategy Working?

How’s your bone health? Are you increasing or losing bone density? Most LivingtheCRWay members follow a strategy to prevent bone loss. So, we thought you would appreciate seeing this letter to our endocrinologist, Dr. Jeffrey Powell, after Paul had his recent bone-health tests. Dr. Powell is a specialist in male osteoporosis. Dear Dr. Powell: Thank you… read more

CR Way DNA HACR, a Longevity Study

LivingTheCRWay.com Announces:  CR Way  DNA, Healthy Aging & Cell-signaling Reception (CR Way DNA HACR) CR Way DNA HACR is a global longitudinal study.  All full LivingTheCRWay members have the  opportunity to participate. Intended to run in perpetuity, CR Way DNA HACR allows you to analyze aspects of health that affect aging and disease risk. Participants… read more

Free LivingTheCRWay Teleconference and Holiday Recipes

Last night’s teleconference brought LivingTheCRWay members  up to date about significant advances they will benefit from: A collaboration with Dr. Rob Knight of American Gut Health and the University of Colorado at Boulder. We expect the partnership to provide insights that will allow members to improve microbiome function and resilience. Make sure to listen to… read more

The Science of Caloric Restriction: What’s to be gained, what’s to be learned?

  Restricting calories has been shown to extend healthspan in a variety of species, including yeast, worms, fish, fruit flies, rodents and dogs. But results of studies on our close evolutionary cousins, rhesus monkeys, have been contradictory and controversial. Studies on humans who live a “caloric-restricted lifestyle” show improved cardiovascular health – but it is… read more