Gourmet Calorie Restriction, the CR Way

Best Table shotEighty years ago when Dr. Clive McKay discovered that calorie restriction extends the life of rats, he did not predict that his discovery would grow into a thriving CR Way movement. But that’s what’s happened. LivingTheCRWay members set records for how long and how well they live.

Yet many people who hope to extend life are still put off by McKay’s use of the word “restriction.” Lucky for us, the CR Way is not about restriction at all. We encourage CR Way travelers to keep their BMI at healthy levels. In fact, many people who start LivingTheCRWay are encouraged to maintain or gain weight for optimal health.

To help you experience how good you feel when following a CR Way lifestyle, we’ve created several delicious gourmet recipes for you to enjoy:

The CR Way Gourmet Meals Helping People enjoy Calorie Restriction Diets during the Holidays

Nurturing CR Way Recipe – Fresh from the Farmers’ Market

Chestnuts without so much AGE

You’ll feel good while you’re eating and great when you’re not eating.



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