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Gourmet Calorie Restriction, the CR Way

Eighty years ago when Dr. Clive McKay discovered that calorie restriction extends the life of rats, he did not predict that his discovery would grow into a thriving CR Way movement. But that’s what’s happened. LivingTheCRWay members set records for how long and how well they live. Yet many people who hope to extend life… read more

Nurturing CR Way Recipe – Fresh from the Farmers’ Market

Are you dreaming about food that YOU want to eat for Thanksgiving … healthful foods that you find really delicious? Here is a recipe that fills the bill, discovered through J&A Farm, found locally at the farmers’ market. They sell a wonderful variety of root vegetables, including lots of interesting radishes. We were about to pass… read more

The Extraordinary Lemon

Have you noticed that lemon is used frequently in LivingTheCRWay recipes? This inexpensive, easy-to-obtain fruit has benefits that go far beyond its high vitamin-C content. Many studies indicate that lemon has antimicrobial, antiviral and other beneficial medicinal properties. Consider this study, which showed that lemon juice protected against pathogens (vibrio cholerae) that can cause cholera… read more

Free LivingTheCRWay Teleconference and Holiday Recipes

Last night’s teleconference brought LivingTheCRWay members  up to date about significant advances they will benefit from: A collaboration with Dr. Rob Knight of American Gut Health and the University of Colorado at Boulder. We expect the partnership to provide insights that will allow members to improve microbiome function and resilience. Make sure to listen to… read more

Calorie Restriction Must be Delicious

  Calorie Restriction must be delicious. So LivingTheCRWay insists that low-calorie, nutrient-dense meals be laden with taste treats.  You should enjoy every bite while you eat and enjoy the extraordinary health you get from eating this way. You will definitely live better, and who knows, you might live longer too! Here’s a beautiful example of… read more

Kristin’s Green Soup – A great addition to a calorie restriction diet plan

  One of our CR Way members wowed us with “Green Soup – Kristin,” a recipe that was so extraordinary we asked if we could share it. Great recipes like this exemplify what traveling the CR Way is all about. CR Way travelers love life and want to enjoy everything it has to offer –… read more

Summer Celebration, July 15

JOIN PAUL & MEREDITH FOR A “PURE” SUMMER CELEBRATION   AT THE CR WAY LONGEVITY CENTER MID-WESTCHESTER SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2:00 TO 6:00 PM   45 minutes from Grand Central – by car or by train, 10 minutes by taxi from the Croton-Harmon train station to the Center. We are enjoying our new Pure Water… read more