Stem Cell and Telomere Experts to Speak with LivingTheCRWay Members

Maintaining a healthy pool of adult stem cells to repair tissues is a major focus for members. “We wish to extend healthspan for as long as possible,” said Paul McGlothin, President of The CR Waytm approach to healthful aging – holistic calorie restriction, optimizing the body’s microbiomes and increasing telomere length – contributes to stem cell health. “

“We are pleased to welcome distinguished guests from Progenitor Cell Therapy to a LivingTheCRWay expert teleconference, where they will discuss stem cell science and its applications in real life. LivingTheCRWay is exploring ways to assess stem cell health and safe replacement of stem cells that have grown dysfunctional. So we turned to Progenitor Cell Therapy (PCT) , which has an impressive track record of cell therapy-focused work over its 12-year history. PCT is a NeoStem Company, a leader in the emerging cellular therapy industry.”

Guest Experts from PCT include –

Dr. David O’Neil, MD – Director of Research and Development.

Dr. Sanjin Zvonic, PhD – Cell biology & Physiology meets Business &Technology Development 

Timothy Fong – VP of Technology Product Development

 Telomeres and aging

On Saturday November 9, telomere expert, Dr. Jerry Shay, from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, will speak on telomeres and aging on a LivingTheCRWay member teleconference. Several studies indicate that the actual number of short telomeres is the gold standard for using telomere length as a rate-of- aging indicator. The rate of accumulation of short telomeres is also linked to cancer incidence and metastasis.


Valuable information that can improve health and possibly extend life expands exponentially. So to help people apply new discoveries to their lives, invites leading scientists and health professions to discuss their work on member teleconferences. Here livingthecrway members can ask questions in a friendly town meeting format. LivingTheCRWay memberships support scientific research.

LivingTheCRWay memberships support CR Way DNA HACR, a citizen science study, open to all who strive to live long and healthfully. CR Way memberships are customized for individual needs and include Brain Booster, Healthful Weight Loss, Optimal Health, Longevity Level, and Diabetes Intervention.


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