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Telomeres: Very Important to Stem Cells

Many participants in the recent LivingTheCRWay stem cell teleconference have expressed their appreciation for the presentation of the experts from NeoStem. The upcoming teleconference on telomeres, featuring Dr. Jerry Shay, will also be very important in part because of the importance of telomeres to stem cell health. Short telomeres are associated with many disease states,… read more

Stem Cell and Telomere Experts to Speak with LivingTheCRWay Members

Maintaining a healthy pool of adult stem cells to repair tissues is a major focus for LivingTheCRWay.com. members. “We wish to extend healthspan for as long as possible,” said Paul McGlothin, President of LivingTheCRWay.com. The CR Waytm approach to healthful aging – holistic calorie restriction, optimizing the body’s microbiomes and increasing telomere length – contributes… read more