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Young Blood Rejuvenates Old Brains

For years, we have been looking for a simple, safe way to reverse aging. It would be great if people could find an easy way to regain the capabilities they had in youth. Stem cell replacement offers promise: We’ve discussed that in a number of blogs and forum posts and even begun negotiations with a leading… read more

Stem Cell and Telomere Experts to Speak with LivingTheCRWay Members

Maintaining a healthy pool of adult stem cells to repair tissues is a major focus for LivingTheCRWay.com. members. “We wish to extend healthspan for as long as possible,” said Paul McGlothin, President of LivingTheCRWay.com. The CR Waytm approach to healthful aging – holistic calorie restriction, optimizing the body’s microbiomes and increasing telomere length – contributes… read more