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LivingTheCRWay.com presents Experts in Health and Longevity

┬áDr. Stephen R. Spindler – Biochemist and Professor of Biochemistry at UC, Riverside, recently appeared as Guest Expert on a LivingTheCRWay.com teleconference in their Expert Series. Here he receives congratulations from Meredith Averill, co-author of The CR Way and Chairman of the Board of the CR Society Intl. Health and longevity science advances at a… read more

Will fish oil help or hurt your immunity as you age?

  Replicative senescence is a term for aging cells. Basically it means that cells are not able to replicate as they had been when younger. With advancing age, the immune system experiences replicative senescence. It can no longer produce the cellular responses necessary to fight a pathogen effectively. This is probably a primary reason that… read more