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LivingTheCRWay.com presents Experts in Health and Longevity

 Dr. Stephen R. Spindler – Biochemist and Professor of Biochemistry at UC, Riverside, recently appeared as Guest Expert on a LivingTheCRWay.com teleconference in their Expert Series. Here he receives congratulations from Meredith Averill, co-author of The CR Way and Chairman of the Board of the CR Society Intl. Health and longevity science advances at a… read more

What’s in your gut, analyzing your gut microbiome

The gut microbiome [the totality of microbes, their genetic elements (genomes), and environmental interactions in a defined environment.] has been a huge blind spot in human health and longevity. We firmly believe that achieving the optimal microbial balance will extend life. But first, we need to  understand better what constitutes a healthy gut. The first… read more