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Should Calorie-Restricted Women take Estrogen?

We are always on the lookout for information that our members need. Our female members often ask whether they should take estrogen as they approach menopause. They are wondering aboutĀ 17 beta-estradiol becauseĀ  estrogen really refers to three hormones and 17 beta-estradiol is the main estrogenic hormone produced from puberty to menopause except during pregnancy. Estrone… read more

Hormones, aging, disease risk, and calorie restriction

Most of us want to extend life healthfully for as long as possible. If, beyond calorie restriction alone, ways emerge that will help in that process, we are all ears. Dr. Andrzej Bartke, the Featured Guest on the next CR Way Expert Series teleconference , is the person to ask about that. His research has… read more