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Will you run out of stem cells?

A new study of the blood of one of the world’s oldest women, Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper, supports what we have hypothesized for a long time: Human beings run out of adult stem cells. This is the likely cause of death in the oldest old – supercentenarians whose healthy immune systems have prevented cancer and other… read more

Stem Cells are in your Future

Sometime in the not-too-distant future, you are likely to  benefit from stem cell replacement. More than 1000 research projects worldwide are focused on stem cells, and the list grows daily. Consider Osiris for example. This company has a stem cell product, Grafix, that improves wound healing. Osiris stock soared when clinical trials showed that Grafix… read more

Calorie Restriction makes stem cell repair more effective

Wouldn’t it be great if your muscles could somehow heal themselves more effectively?  Maintaining muscle strength is a goal for most CR travelers. And many, who limit calories successfully, are pleasantly surprised that their muscle strength seems to grow with just moderate exercise. This is counter intuitive to what we’ve been traditionally taught: eat a… read more

Calorie Restriction the CR Way is a stem cell diet

The concept of how we age is changing. It is now known that every organ has its own pool of stem cells. Like an old car, that “runs out of gas” permanently, our organs run out of stem cells, fall into disrepair, and eventually die. However, there is hope – for unlike a car, we… read more