Wild Blueberries – Readily Available!

Wild blueberries over barley
Wild blueberries served over warm hulled barley at the CR Way Longevity Center.

On Saturday’s Expert Teleconference, a member asked an important, practical question: Can you buy aronia berries or tart cherries at Whole Foods? His question evolved from the discussion of the potential benefits of aronia berries and tart cherries – fruit we’ve purchased from Northwest Wild FoodsAnd while we love them, buying them locally would be more practical and less expensive.

Aronia berry juice and tart cherry juice can be purchased at some Whole Foods Markets. We prefer the whole berries, though. The higher GI of the juice might reduce potential health benefits.

Lucky for LivingTheCRWay enthusiasts: Organic wild blueberries are readily available in many locations. Compared to other fruit, including cultivated blueberries, they are very high in anthocyanins and low in carbohydrates. Wild blueberries are much smaller and less sweet than cultivated berries. Take a look:

Different Size BlueberriesCultivated blueberries look more like the larger berries in this picture.

The wild blueberries from Whole Foods, are more like the one that’s sitting at the 6 cm. mark.


Total Carbohydrate

g/100g serving



mg/100g or 100 ml

Cultivated Blueberries 14 3.6 67-183
Wild Blueberries 12.86 2.14 558
Aronia Berries 9.6 5.3 1480

Imagine our delight when we found organic wild blueberries in Whole Foods freezer section for less than $4.00 per 10 oz. bag.  Finding organic wild berries is important because blueberries that are cultivated  can contain high quantities of pesticides. Don’t accept “naturally grown” berries as a substitute either. Some “natural” growers spray pesticides on their blueberry bush fields. We much prefer David Stelzer’s Azure Standard approach of growing plants with such healthy immune systems that they can resist attacks from pests. Eating plants with healthy immune systems might strengthen your immune system too. 

High anthocyanin fruits with low glycemic index rankings are part of the recommended foods for BELLA, Better Eyes for Longer Life without Alzheimer’s, created by LivingTheCRWay.


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