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CR Way Recipe for Glucose Control: Black Nile Barley

Have you ever tried Black Nile Barley? We purchased this delicious, ancient grain recently from Lentz Spelt Farms. Glucose control is important to LivingTheCRWay members, so we decided to test the glucose effects of a  new Black Nile Barley recipe.  You can read more about it by becoming a Healthy Start member and logging into the… read more

Wild Blueberries – Readily Available!

Wild blueberries served over warm hulled barley at the CR Way Longevity Center. On Saturday’s Expert Teleconference, a member asked an important, practical question: Can you buy aronia berries or tart cherries at Whole Foods? His question evolved from the discussion of the potential benefits of aronia berries and tart cherries – fruit we’ve purchased… read more