Why Nutrient-dense Calorie Restriction is not enough!

canstockphoto20563903Calorie restriction has changed for the better. The CR Way has turned it into a flexible lifestyle to be customized to an individual’s needs.

Changes in the practice of calorie restriction are illustrated by the vegetables we just bought at the farmers’ market: fresh, nutrient-dense kale, dandelion greens, bok choy, and garlic. Years ago, I would have put all of them into a soup and had a serving along with a sweet potato and maybe some lentils for protein with olive oil and lemon juice. At the time, this seemed like an approach for eating as well as possible.

Now I find significant flaws with such a meal. Oxalate, protein (total and absorbability) amd fat content, as well as the glycemic effect of the carbohydrates must be considered. The timing of your meals and how they affect your circadian rhythms is also important.

If you are serious about calorie restriction,  become a member of LivingTheCRWay, where you can read more details about the essential dietary planning that transforms an old-style, calorie restriction diet into a delicious way to make a real difference in your length and quality of life.

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  1. Stan Bazilian

    What’s your take on Mega Organic Superfood powder?
    It looks good but can only do a scoop once a week; it’s so intense!
    Thanks so much for you call last night; you both are the greatest!!
    Fondest regards,


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