Free LivingTheCRWay Teleconference and Holiday Recipes

Paul & Meredith at doorLast night’s teleconference brought LivingTheCRWay members  up to date about significant advances they will benefit from:

  • A collaboration with Dr. Rob Knight of American Gut Health and the University of Colorado at Boulder. We expect the partnership to provide insights that will allow members to improve microbiome function and resilience. Make sure to listen to the reasons why this is particularly important for LivingTheCRWay members’ preparation for reaching advanced ages in great health.
  • Air Pollution – outdoor and indoor air pollution can ruin an otherwise healthful lifestyle.  Find out more about the problem in this post in the Protection from Disease forum on   Air Purifiers for Protection from Pollution-related Disease (become a Healthy Start member to access this.   And check the LivingTheCRWay store for the solutions we’ve found so far:
  • Live workshops in collaboration with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging – To help raise funds to support CR Way DNA HACR and its mission to advance research and practical application of new scientific findings, we are going to hold live workshops. Scientists from the Buck will join the workshops – more details soon.

Representative Workshop Themes

  • Glucose control for optimal health, longevity, and diabetes prevention and treatment
  • Cognitive aging – slowing and reversing cognitive aging and prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


Delicious Holiday Recipes – Free

In addition to answering peoples’ questions, the call introduced holiday recipes.

Walnut Cranberry Confection and Mushroom Delight

We hope you enjoy them and contribute your own recipes to the LivingTheCRWay Forum: Recipes & Food, Cooked & Raw.

To find out more the recording of the free teleconference is available in the Teleconference Schedule forum on


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