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CR Way Recipe for Glucose Control: Black Nile Barley

Have you ever tried Black Nile Barley? We purchased this delicious, ancient grain recently from Lentz Spelt Farms. Glucose control is important to LivingTheCRWay members, so we decided to test the glucose effects of a  new Black Nile Barley recipe.  You can read more about it by becoming a Healthy Start member and logging into the… read more

Optimizing the Gut Microbiome Leaps Forward

  The optimizing microbiome teleconference on Saturday, December 7, raised the bar for the health of LivingTheCRWay members. For the first time, we were able to look at results from American Gut Health. Participants could see the concentrations of microbial families in the analysis and how they compare to other people.  And we were able… read more

Delicious Calorie Restriction Meal Plan

Israel’s most popular Hebrew website, http://www.mako.co.il/, will publish an article featuring the CR Way. It includes a meal plan that makes it easy for people to see how much fun it can be to eat this way. Sweet Tarragon Barley Cereal The Sweet Tarragon Barley Cereal is a breakthrough. Most of us gave up having… read more