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Eyes Predict Alzheimer’s and Rate-of-Aging

That LivingTheCRWay members want simple cost-effective ways to assess risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia is quite understandable: We all want to preserve our brainpower, which is the key to quality of life and independence. Expensive and potentially dangerous PiB-PET (Pittsburgh-compound B — Positron Emission Tomography) imaging is the gold standard for diagnosing Alzheimer’s, but… read more

The CR Way Gourmet Meals Helping People enjoy Calorie Restriction Diets during the Holidays

 Diet-friendly Thanksgiving recipes include sweet potato medallions, other deliciously healthy dishes  If living in good health for as long as possible is important to you, then LivingTheCRWay has delicious recipes that belong on your holiday table. These are not pseudo-healthy concoctions that send blood sugar soaring. This is cutting-edge science, delivered in gourmet fashion. The… read more