The CR Way Gourmet Meals Helping People enjoy Calorie Restriction Diets during the Holidays

 sweet potatoes with walnutsDiet-friendly Thanksgiving recipes include sweet potato medallions, other deliciously healthy dishes

 If living in good health for as long as possible is important to you, then LivingTheCRWay has delicious recipes that belong on your holiday table. These are not pseudo-healthy concoctions that send blood sugar soaring. This is cutting-edge science, delivered in gourmet fashion. The point: to make reaching a level of health most people only dream of deliciously easy.

Protection against cancer, type 2 diabetes, and  heart and Alzheimer’s diseases will increase. Achieving a healthful weight gets easier too. The journey to optimal health starts easily and simply by enjoying this LivingTheCRWay holiday meal:

Sweet Potato Medallions

  • Slice deep-orange, sweet potatoes into 1/4-inch medallions.
  • Douse in boiling water to which
  • 2 teaspoons ginger, cardamom, or cinnamon have been added.
  • Boil for only a minute – or two. When the timer dings, drain the potatoes and
  • Sprinkle with lemon juice to preserve their beautiful orange hue.
  • Dust with more spice, if you like,
  • Add walnuts, e.g., one half on each medallion

Within minutes, this appetizer is ready to delight the palate and to build toward greater health.

The additional recipes from this LivingTheCRWay holiday meal are freely accessible by clicking:

Mushroom Delight

Enjoy this sensual mushroom delight as a hearty soup or over barley. It features portabellas, which even dyed-in-the-wool meat eaters will enjoy.


Walnut Cranberry Confection

Chocolate, the world’s favorite flavor, combines with seasonal cranberries and delicious sprouted grain bread. Even with no sugar added, this tastes like dessert.  A little red wine is optional.

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