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Glucose Control Improves Cognitive Function

Another study has come to our attention that reinforces the importance of keeping glucose low for improved cognitive function. The brain in the age of old: The hippocampal formation is targeted differentially by diseases of late life Annals of Neurology 2008; 64: 698-707. Wu W, Brickman AM, Luchsinger J, Ferrazzano P, Pichiule P, et al.… read more

Benefits of Calorie Restriction Enhanced by Nitric Oxide and Lower Blood Glucose, Say Researchers from The CR Way

Scientifically validated ways to lower blood pressure, enhance cognition, and improve glucose management – especially in type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes are components of the new, cutting-edge CR WayTM approach to calorie restriction.   “Following a calorie-restriction diet has always produced excellent results,” says Paul McGlothin, president of the LivingTheCRWay.com and vice president of research… read more

Calorie Restriction, the CR Way for a healthier gut

Calorie Restriction Let’s You Loose that Gut the Healthy Way Improving gut health is a major focus of calorie restriction, the CR Way.  It begins with a tease meal,  a small meal used by many CR Way travelers to start their day. The tease meal uses  a small amount of carbohydrates to stimulate insulin production… read more

Calorie Restriction the CR Way is a stem cell diet

The concept of how we age is changing. It is now known that every organ has its own pool of stem cells. Like an old car, that “runs out of gas” permanently, our organs run out of stem cells, fall into disrepair, and eventually die. However, there is hope – for unlike a car, we… read more