Calorie Restriction Bows to the Mighty Microbiome


Dietary restriction, which has long been shown to extend life in many species, is often described as a diet that activates an ancient cellular defense system: When food is scarce, the body defends itself by shifting its metabolism so that growth-related activities and reproduction are postponed until energy from available food increases. Lower White Blood… read more

Calorie Restriction: Dangerous Mistakes I Made


  One of the most discouraging things that happens to people when they follow a longevity lifestyle is the mistakes they make. Even with the best of intentions sometimes people follow advice that leads to dangerous consequences. That happened to me, when I started calorie restriction. After what seemed like a promising start, I ended… read more

Identifying Pathogens: Lots to Gain, Little to Lose

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Following is a letter we sent to scientists that we thought should go to CR Way members. _______ In Pittsburgh we discussed briefly the Harvard research, indicating that beta amyloid build-up in the brain could emanate from the brain’s defense against microbes. While I am sure that confirmation of the microbial role vis-a-vis beta amyloid and… read more

Can Wheatgrass Improve your Oral Microbiome?


Wheatgrass to improve your oral microbiome? I was skeptical. Yet, over the past several days, I must admit, we’ve implemented an important change in our morning regimen: pulling, that is, pulling bacteria from our gums and using wheatgrass juice to do it. The whole thing started with a conversation about optimizing the oral microbiome at… read more

The New CR Way Live Better Longer Video Series


Many people want to know how to start a lifestyle that will help them live better longer.  If that sounds like you, you’ll love the new Live Better Longer video series. Here, you will discover core strategies to help you create a longevity lifestyle that works for you. The videos evolved from tried and true… read more

Predict how your brain ages and what to do about it


    If you could predict how well your brain is aging and intervene accordingly, how much would that be worth? Actually, the value is priceless, for no matter how well you are aging overall — if you can’t remember what you said from one day to the next, that will ruin everything else. A… read more

Control your Glucose & Still Maintain your Weight!

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  One of the biggest challenges that serious, long-term calorie restrictors face is eating enough calories to maintain their weight. Digesting high fiber food choices can be difficult if you aren’t used to it. Your bowels can slow down, and eating a lot could be difficult for you, much less maintaining a healthy gut microbiome.… read more

Brain Aging Affects Chess Championships


2016 U.S. Championship Field Title First Name Last Name USCF Age Residence GM Hikaru Nakamura 2869 28 Saint Louis, MO GM Fabiano Caruana 2858 23 Saint Louis, MO GM Wesley So 2848 22 Minnetonka, MN GM Ray Robson 2752 21 Saint Louis, MO GM Gata Kamsky 2737 40 Lubbock, TX GM Alex Onischuk 2745 41… read more

Glucose Control for Longer Life and Prevention and Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes

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Glucose management is important for many aspects of health. For those hoping to increase healthspan by following a low calorie diet, keeping glucose at healthful low levels is essential. Low blood glucose levels  activate longevity genes. For the 20 million with diabetes and 70 million with prediabetes in the U.S. and the millions more worldwide,… read more

Buckwheat – Glucose Control vs. Gut-lining Damage


Gather ’round, buckwheat lovers and gluten-sensitive friends. This breakfast is for you! Today we departed from our usual barley breakfast to revisit buckwheat. Buckwheat, like all grain, is really a fruit seed. Buckwheat’s winning component: It doesn’t contain the gluten proteins that in some people causes allergic reactions and sometimes outright damage to the lining… read more