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Tease Meal Plus Nitric Oxide Produces Extraordinary Glucose Control

LivingTheCRWay suggests using a tease meal™ to increase glucose control. The tease meal is a small serving amount of carbs and a little healthy fat to help stimulate insulin production before you eat your main meal. CR Way 4 Longer Life software users will notice that the tease meal is one of the courses included in the… read more

Gourmet Calorie Restriction, the CR Way

Eighty years ago when Dr. Clive McKay discovered that calorie restriction extends the life of rats, he did not predict that his discovery would grow into a thriving CR Way movement. But that’s what’s happened. LivingTheCRWay members set records for how long and how well they live. Yet many people who hope to extend life… read more

Neostem Trial Reinforces CR Way Stem Cell Replacement Strategy!

Hurray for Neostem! The results of its clinical trial were released yesterday, and they are positive (from a CR Way perspective). Here is Robin Smith, the CEO of Neostem, explaining the results. http://www.bloomberg.com/video/neostem-ceo-clincial-heart-trials-show-stem-cell-success-FcXS4rt~T8C0I7wSAm2LDw.html Here is the press release: 5:16 pm Neostem announces initial ‘positive’ data from Phase 2 PreSERVE AMI clinical trial : Co announced… read more

For Calorie Restrictors – Longevity Biochemistry Trumps Nutrient Density

The World’s Healthiest Foods website includes something they call the “Healthiest Way of Eating Plan.” Considering various diets and their suitability for a CR Way of life is very important. World’s Healthiest Foods provides a valuable service through the information the site offers. However, the Healthiest Way of Eating Plan is dated: It does not… read more

Will you run out of stem cells?

A new study of the blood of one of the world’s oldest women, Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper, supports what we have hypothesized for a long time: Human beings run out of adult stem cells. This is the likely cause of death in the oldest old – supercentenarians whose healthy immune systems have prevented cancer and other… read more

Primate Study Affirms: the CR Way Lifestyle can Extend Life and Protect against Age-related Disease

On April 1, primate researchers from the University of Wisconsin published a paper,* affirming that caloric restriction (CR) without malnutrition significantly improves age-related and all-cause survival in rhesus monkeys. The researchers point out that their data contrasts with findings in the widely reported 2012 National Institutes of Aging study, where CR was not seen to… read more

Setting the Record Straight: Calorie Restriction and the Rhesus Monkey Research

The calorie restriction and longevity communities thank University of Wisconsin scientists for setting the record straight about calorie restriction. Their paper leaves no doubt that CR protects against disease and extends life: Caloric restriction reduces age-related and all-cause mortality in rhesus monkeys.* Another extremely important finding that applies to millions of humans: Modest calorie restriction… read more

Primate Study Confirms: Calorie Restriction Extends Life and Protects against Age-related Disease

Last week, the Wisconsin rhesus monkey study released results that put to rest the notion that that calorie restriction does not extend life in non-human primates. What caused the confusion is that in August 2012 scientists at the National Institute of Aging released a paper that produced worldwide attention, Impact of caloric restriction on health… read more

Advanced Glycation Endproducts in Food – Teleconference on What to do about it

We first became aware of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGE) through the work of Jaime Uribarri and Helen Vlasarra They researched methods of food preparation – considering broiling, frying, roasting, boiling and how they affect AGE content of various foods. They also looked at the tendency of various carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for their AGE-forming potential.… read more

Eating on the Wild Side – Free to New Full Members of LivingTheCRWay.com

Celebrated author, Jo Robinson, was a recent guest on LivingTheCRWay’s Expert Teleconference series. In a clear, down-to-earth way she explained how we have bred fruits and vegetables that have far fewer phytonutrients than in the original plants, which grew wild. She started by talking about the wild strawberry (remember the small ones you used to… read more